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Nottinghamshire NVTEC working weekend

                           This is the site for the NVTEC Notts group working weekend 2022 .


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2008 Show photos 2008 Show photos IH TD18 & Caterpillar D7 The two large crawler tractors before work starts 11978074 Classic Cars A Nash Metropolitan & a ROVER P6 V8 11978090 Classic Cars A 1930's Rolls Royce & a Morris 8 11978075 Classic Vehicles An ERF E10 unit and an Old LEYLAND Lincolnshire Road Car Bus 11978076 Tractors in the Auction This year we had 6 tractors for sale in the auction 11978091 Tractor & Cart A 1938 Fordson N and tip cart 11978092 On the ROAD RUN A Ferguson TEF20 fitted with Winsam weather cab leads the way 11978093 Ford 4100 Tractor This is a Ford 4100 that dates from 1978 a rare tractor as most buyers chose the 4600 11978077 Ford TW35 Tractor A Classic FORD TW35 Tractor 11978094 Working Horses "Prince & Beauty" about to cut another furrow 11978097 Case Tractor This nice old CASE is driving a stationary baler 11978096 The Classic Harvest This is a 1950's CLASS SF Combine harvester restored by conbine king RON KNIGHT 11978080 The Classic Harvest The old Perkins powered CLASS SF in action 11978098 The Ploughing Match This year we had over 80 ploughmen take part in 7 classes 11978099 DOE Tractor This Doe Triple D tractor was in action all weekend 11978100 Classic FORD FW30 The Cummins engined Ford FW30 11978121 IHTD18 Crawler International Harvester TD18 working an old cultivater 11978102 Caterpillar D7 The Cat D7at work with a Ransomes plough 11978103 Wartime Fordson A nice wartime FORDSON N at work 11978122 Case Tractor This is a Case LPG tractor 11978123 MF1200 A classic Massey Ferguson 1200 tractor 11978124 Classic 1960's Harvest The John Deere 630 and baler follow on after the CLASS SF combine 11978125 Ferguson TED20 & Binder We had a land drive binder at work cutting wheat 11978105 The Threshing Set At rest after the first days work 11978079 The Threshing Set The set at work showing the Baler in action 11978127 Threshing Set The Field Marshall doing what it does best 11978106 Fordson Power Major A Fordson Power Major on trailer duties after the binder had finished 11978107 Classic Ploughing A very niceRoadless Ploughmaster 65 tractor with Ransomes plough 11978128 Fordson E27N Major A 1948 Fordson E27N Major and a 1956 Fordson E1A Major 11978129 1945 US Army MACK It started life as a US Army truck then was converted to a snowplough and ended its working days with a circus 11978108 Static Tractors A Case LA,Fordson Power Major & Case LPG tractors 11978132 More Static Tractors This year we had about 30 static tractors 11978131 The Army Camp This year we had 3 old tanks 11978133 Horse Power and Black Smoke We had a dynamometer to test tractor pto horse power 11978134 Fordson Power Major A 1958 Fordson Power Major in the work area 11978135 Fordson Power Major The Power major at rest 11978136